Handicapped parking

I am a senior citizen with a handicap that requires me to wear oxygen. Today I went to the grocery store to do my holiday shopping. There are four handicapped spaces in front of the door. Three were taken by cars without a handicapped placard.

I went into the store to complain and was told I had to call the police.

The PA State Police won’t do anything because it is a private parking lot. I reported this to the manager of the store who refused to prosecute. As one of the offending vehicles was leaving, I spoke with the driver and asked if he forgot to hang his placard. Nope. But I could have the space. Jerk.

It requires great effort on my part to walk even 10 feet. Shopping is always a chore that leaves me breathless, but I manage.

Please this holiday season and throughout the year, have some respect for those less fortunate than you and do not park in a handicapped space if you are not. It is rude, inconsiderate and downright ignorant!

Barbara H Kressly


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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