Is ‘climate change’ the new ‘New Coke’

It appears that every week there are several Letters to the Editor regarding the topic of “climate change.” While I believe the climate is changing, my attitude regarding this subject is, “big deal, who cares?” The climate has always changed! Sometimes hot; sometimes cold. But the world is not coming to an end.

If the climate changes drastically, some people may be displaced by floods or hurricanes; some people may have to change their food sources; some people may have to migrate. Crocodiles used to live in rivers in the Sahara Desert. Did that prolonged period of change in climate exterminate local people? No, they adapted or moved. Do you really believe people will just stay in place and let a changing climate kill them in their tracks?

The United Nations Panel on Climate Change predicts that sea levels will rise by 2 feet by 2100. A local problem for a small portion of our billions of people but not one that threatens extinction of the human race.

I truly believe that the American conservatives purposely use the issue of climate change as a diversion tactic to keep citizens occupied so that they do not have time to question the conservative policy of buying un-needed and unnecessary nuclear weapons which if launched will make mankind extinct.

Remember “New Coke?” It was a brilliant marketing tactic. The public rose up in arms demanding that Coca Cola return to “old Coke” because people did not like the “New Coke.” So the people received what they asked for, but did they? What they received was not the original product that used real sugar but a similar product using high Fructose corn syrup. The company made billions and the public was happy because they won!

Our “New Coke” is “climate change.” The conservatives purposely pretend to deny it in order to ensure that more and more people fight it. And while they fight it, the people have no time or energy to fight the real threat to human life on Earth — nuclear weapons.

At present scientists say that there is a one in 14,000 chance that humans will be exterminated by nuclear war. Would you let your children play outside during a lightening storm? Odds of being killed by lightening are one in 700,000. Either possibility will make your kid a grease spot on the floor, but the nuclear weapon option is much more likely to occur …

If people are truly concerned about human life in the future, they should be protesting nuclear weapons and buying land in Greenland.

Al Sever



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