Rest assured, there will be called indictments next year and forward. This being the result of private lawyers in Washington, D.C., probing for information from records of Hillary Clinton relative to her email scandal, Benghazi fiasco, the Clinton Foundation and the Mueller Russian collusion investigation. These D.C. attorneys have been circumspect in their dealings with the FBI and the State Department, as well as the Obama White House and his deep state operation, in my opinion. All along the attorneys have been filing lawsuits against the parties mentioned, to get records, discovery and interrogations dating back to 2013 and 2014. The various lawsuits were against the DOJ, FBI, State Department, Hillary Clinton, and none were being answered for extended periods of time. The private attorneys filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice and won. Consequently, the Freedom of Information Act was law and now parties were able to get information they asked for or the courts could order it to be done.

The playing field has changed and the discoveries from emails and (sought-after) records are voluminous. I’ll mention some first-string players who I believe should receive indictments, namely: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Peter Strzok and girlfriend, Lisa Page, Heather Samuelson, Cheryl Mills, Clinton lawyer, David Kendall, Doug Band, Clinton Foundation official, James Comey, many of Obama’s deep state officials at all four levels of government, Anthony Weiner and wife, Huma Abedin, Christopher Steele, Eric Boswell, those who worked for Hillary Clinton during her tenure who helped delete 33,000 emails, plus, Bruce Ohr and wife, Nellie, James Rybicki, FBI officials, Andrew McCabe and Michael Kortan, Victoria Nuland, Libya Coordinator, Johathan Winer, House Majority Whip, Steny Hoyer, national security, Daniel Silverberg, Sydney Blumenthal, Sen. Mark Warner, Sen. Robert Gorker, and Sen. Ben Gardin, plus a whole slew of second stringers operating in Obama’s deep state, which amounted to treason against President Trump, in my opinion. The Federal Government bureaucracy promoted by the mainstream media ignored the crimes of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. George Soros’s Open Society Foundation which receives cash flows from the U.S. State Department and government grants. It is well-funded, receiving billions from Soros himself. The group openly supports extremist and terrorist groups.

The list goes on and on and involves various levels of government and all the departments I mentioned. Now Donald Trump spotted this early on, but fell far short of draining the swamp. The far left Democrats who have hated him even before his election have continued their corruption and crimes against him, the U.S. government and our Constitution. The false Russian collusion dossier drummed up by British spy Christopher Steele and paid for by Hillary Clinton (during the campaign), 11 payments from our FBI, involved and implicated many others in our government. That wasn’t enough; as we speak a second dossier is being formulated. It of course will include many nefarious accusations against Trump. Ironically, he has been able to withstand and fight back these events and still run the government.

Robert Mueller had a stellar career and by all accounts seemed to be the right man to lead the Russian collusion probe against Trump. Well, after 675 days of investigating and $30 million, they found nothing against Trump. The Mueller team was made up of 17 Democrats, all with ties to the Clintons including donors to her or Slick Willie.

Those hateful folks seeking to bludgeon Trump are being found out. These probes and investigations are turning up corruption and crimes their own folks committed. Mueller disgraced himself and now is where we come in. The indictments will be coming forth. A legend of individuals will be served and they will find out: No one is above the law. The swamp will continue to be cleaned out and the President can watch as he can focus on his campaign theme: Make American Great Again.

Alan Cohick

Cogan Station


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