Stupidity has no age limits

Responding to the letter “Vaping: The epidemic that continues to grow,” the lung illness is no longer a mystery, according to a definitive report by The Centers for Disease Control released on Dec. 6. Autopsies of the victims proved that they had consumed marijuana products and died from ingredients contained in them. These illegal, black market products were provided by “friends” — a euphemism for drug dealers.

There’s an old saying that “Dead men tell no tales.” It could be adapted to this situation as “Dead teenagers tell no lies.” Initially, when the teenagers started getting sick, they lied about their use of marijuana, saying that they consumed only nicotine e-liquid. The autopsies proved otherwise. Impressionable and naive adults need to wake up to the fact that they were duped, and that their perfect and innocent kids were on drugs.

As of Nov. 21, there were 2,290 cases of this no-longer-mysterious illness, with 47 deaths. Compare that to 1.6 million car crashes and 3,477 deaths each year caused by cell phone use when driving. By these numbers, the cell phone epidemic is 70 times more deadly than the “vaping epidemic.” Where are the campaigns to ban cell phones or to ban cars? It’ll never happen because parents use their cell phones when driving too. Better yet, how about the 480,000 deaths a year from smoking. How many of these sick kids have parents who smoke? It becomes a case of “do as I say, not as I do.” But the parents who never vaped can claim all manner of moral superiority and attack it with a vengeance fueled by their own guilt.

Nicotine vaping doesn’t kill, it saves lives. If these fools have their way and vaping products are taken off the market, three things will happen: 1) Illegal, black market products will flourish, 2) Former smokers will go back to smoking, 3) Cigarette companies and states receiving money from cigarette sales will be very happy.

Keeping nicotine products from children is a real issue and needs a rational solution that meets the needs of several groups. However this illness can no longer be used to scapegoat a legitimate adult product. I will say this for teenagers — they are good at detecting “B.S” from adults. It’s no wonder that they lie in return. Perhaps it is the overprotective, irrational, and hypocritical parents who are pushing their children in to risky behavior. My advice to parents is to get rid of your own bad habits, get off of Facebook, put down your phone, stop running your mouth, and actually listen to your children. It would build trust and make a positive difference in their lives.

Fred Johnson


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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