Volunteer with Moms Demand Action

On Monday, Dec. 2, hundreds of volunteers with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America gathered in Washington, D.C., at the Supreme Court to support the lower courts’ decision on a case being heard that day. New York State Rifle and Pistol vs. the City of New York is the first case in nearly 10 years to be heard by the Court regarding the Second Amendment. The issue is whether a New York City ban on transporting firearms to homes or ranges outside the city is consistent with the Second Amendment. Two lower courts already have found the ban to be constitutional, and Moms Demand Action is hopeful that the Supreme Court will reach the same conclusion.

Indeed, the New York City ordinance is substantially related to the important government objective of public safety and, as such, is constitutional — and we applaud New York City for protecting public safety through effective ordinances such as this.

Statistics demonstrate that states with lax gun laws, such as Alaska and Louisiana, have six times more gun deaths than states such as New York that have stricter gun laws.

Moms Demand Action looks to our Supreme Court to confirm that reasonable regulations, such as the one at issue in this case, are consistent with both public safety and the Second Amendment.

Margie Swoboda

Julian, Centre County

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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