An immigrant’s perspective

In response to the Jan. 13 article entitled “I am an immigrant,” I would like to offer a different point of view. I am an immigrant, now a naturalized citizen. I came here the legal way and I would like to offer my experience to those who focus solely on undocumented/ illegal aliens. I did not come to the United States fleeing political oppression, nor for economic reasons. I did not come here seeking a “better life” from a third-world country nor yet even to freeload off the American system. Regardless of what anyone may think of it, I came here for one reason only — love! I met and married an American girl and we are now a family of four. I came to America from Scotland, the United Kingdom, somewhere that is supposed to be one of America’s greatest allies. My experience, however, left me with a negative impression. For example, the only individual I met who appeared to be remotely human, let alone friendly and welcoming, was a French Canadian, whom I encountered on my journey into America via Canada. There are other instances I could detail but suffice to say that I, for one, am sick and tired of my (now) fellow Americans banging on about the immigration issues in reference to illegals whilst completely ignoring the fact that many immigrants like myself do in fact enter the legal way, paying for the privilege too, only to be treated, in many situations, as something inconvenient, even contemptible. I have all sympathy for those who are fleeing persecution and even death in their home countries, even for those who come to the states to seek a better life, economically, for their families, but I urge people to pause before commenting on a very emotional subject of which most have no actual or personal experience.


South Williamsport

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom