Congressional hearings

Here is my opinion of the congressional hearings:

1. The Democrats were the only ones allowed to call witnesses. The GOP wasn’t allowed to call any.

2. The Democrats had secret meetings in which the GOP wasn’t allowed to attend.

3. The lawyers for the President were not allow to attend either.

4. The accused was not allowed to face his accuser, in fact, the GOP wasn’t allowed to question the whistleblower behind closed doors where his or her name would be kept anonymous.

5. President Trump had another three weeks by law to release military aid to Ukraine and he released that aid quite a while before he called for the investigation on Joe Biden and his son. By law he was allowed to do this.

6. President Zelensky did not know that the military aid was being withheld and he said he felt no pressure from Trump.

7. Adam Schiff wrote his own version of the conversation between both presidents. Trump asked Zelensky if he could release the conversation they had and he agreed. Why did the letter that Adam Schiff wrote become so hush-hush?

8. Adam Schiff was called as a witness before Congress but when it came time to testify, he was a no-show. He had an attorney take his place. Adam Schiff knew if he lied to Congress it would mean jail time and everything he lied about would come out.

9. The witnesses for the Democrats testified that the President should be impeached but when asked how they came to that conclusion they said it was their opinion, or they assumed, or they heard it from this person who heard it from that person and they heard it from someone else, but when asked if they had any evidence whatsoever the President did any wrongdoing, they all said no. The ambassador to Ukraine was the only one to talk to the President.

10. The Democrats called a panel of judges for their witnesses. One remained neutral, the other said the President should be impeached. When asked by Congressman Devin Nunez if anyone in the room had any evidence whatsoever if Trump did any wrongdoing to raise their hand, not one person raised their hand. Not one! No Democrat, no first witnesses and not one judge. What does that tell you?

11. There was Russian interference during the Obama administration, in my opinion.

12. All politicians take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Democrats are trying to change the Constitution. Especially the Second Amendment. They want socialism instead of democracy. This is nothing short of treason and they should be held accountable for their actions. After all, they took a solemn oath.

13. One Democratic congressman said that sometimes hearsay is better than solid evidence. Really?

14. Adam Schiff decided what questions the GOP could ask and ones they couldn’t. In fact, he refused six questions asked by a GOP congresswoman.

15. All Adam Schiff said was nothing but lies, in my opinion. If his nose grew every time he told a lie, they could use it as a pipeline from here to Alaska.

Please, write about the facts or what you know are facts– not your opinion. All the messes the prior President left behind were dumped on Trump’s plate and he is cleaning them up as he said he would. It really must be easy to be an armchair president and not face the hard decisions that Trump has to make. Why don’t you become president? As for me, I’m one very proud deplorable along with 63 million others, and when I voted for Trump I didn’t have any blinders on. I saw perfectly what I voted for and what I voted against.

If you’re using the national news media for your information, lots of luck. I know personally who the national news media are. What they did to us Vietnam veterans when we came home was a total travesty. In fact, it was pure evil. And believe me, the scars still run deep. I did learn one thing over the past decades: you don’t throw away a truck load of good apples because of the few rotten ones that lay on top. I believe most journalists are good journalists.

Sheldon Bastion

Cogan Station


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