Facts don’t lie

It might have just been a stroke of bad luck that the same day that a letter about the need for Trump’s border wall appeared on the same day as the front page article about the myths and facts on immigration. The article kind of blew his boat out of the water. It has been documented over and over again that almost all of the drugs that come across the border are smuggled into the United States not in the great open spaces between legal ports, but at the legal ports in freight, and many assorted vehicles. They also come by drones, small planes, boats and just about any way you could think of. U.S. Customs and Border statistics will tell you that 90 percent of heroin, 88 percent of cocaine, 87 percent of meth and 80 percent of fentanyl are confiscated at legal ports of entry. The D.E.A. will tell you that almost all fentanyl comes from China through Canada. The Center for American Progress said in a report that drugs that come into the U.S. between legal ports are very minimal and inexpensive like pot, and that a wall would be next to useless. We have a lot more things in this country we could spend billions of dollars on that only a handful of people really want.

Trump said while running for president that he wanted to build between 450 and 550 miles of wall. Now we all know that Mexico isn’t going to pay for it. Recent bids have been somewhere around $15 to $20 million a mile. Now if Trump does what he has done his whole life and hires illegals to do all the work and then just not pay them, I guess you could kind of say Mexico paid for the wall.

As for the violence, immigrants are less likely to commit crimes or be incarcerated than native-born people. Crime rates are lowest in areas with high immigrant populations.

Facts are something most republican shy away from. Factcheck is not Republican or Democratic and they have stated that since Trump has been in office he has lied almost 16,000 times. Now that is some mighty serious fibbing. But his followers believe everything he says is gospel.

Hopefully some day the other one third of people will see through this guy’s bull.


Cogan Station

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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