Now we can visit Williamsport

I was very pleased to read in the Sun-Gazette, Friday, Jan. 17, the article titled: “New mayor, parking authority talk working relationships, budget.” Thank you Mayor Slaughter and Dr. Cipolla for realizing, “The authority is not there for profit. Rather it is there to provide a service of parking for workers, shopping customers, employees and visitors in the most economical way possible.”

As an out-of-towner, I stopped using the James V. Brown Library, I no longer patronized the restaurants, shops, (including Otto’s, Kinleys, and Gustonian Gifts, some of my favorites), because of the nasty experience I had with the “meter man” and the entire parking authority office. No, it wasn’t that I didn’t pay the meter. It was because my car tire was on the parking space line at the library. I had taken my 3-year-old granddaughter to the library for storytime and a van with several preschoolers was parked beside me. I wanted to give them some room to get the children in and out of the van. It was the last time I went to Williamsport to do anything — that was two years ago!

I will gladly pay when a ticket is fairly issued. It was not about the money. But I resent someone in “authority” just waiting for a meter to run out or when a tire is an inch over a line so they can write a ticket and make a profit!

It is my hope that downtown businesses will see many more visitors/customers with this new policy.



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