Offensive sign at state Farm Show

My husband and I enjoyed this year’s PA Farm Show, as always. However, we were dismayed, shocked, and saddened to see for sale a sign that screamed an offensive slur in large letters and told the reader to get out of “my country.” This sign was displayed with hundreds of MAGA and Trump 2020 hats.

Whom was the sign addressing? I wish that I had asked the vendor if it was directed at all of us, most of whom were white. Was it intended only for those who were “other,” such as persons of color, including many school students that day, or only those who looked Hispanic? Would he have addressed my son-in-law from Central America that way? What about my grandchildren?

I wish that I could have assured him that most people in this world are not what the sign said. I would have told him that I am sorry that any human being would address another in such an ugly way. I would have asked him how he would feel if he were called that.

Surely, we Pennsylvanians are better than this. Surely, we all can be decent to one another. How about it, Pennsylvania? We might not like one another’s politics, but can’t we be civil and respectful to one another?

It’s time to be done with such hatred, such bullying.

Dolores Parsil


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom