Properly recycle please

I so agree 100 percent with Robbin Rudinski about the recycling situation. I usually do my recycling at Northway Road and the trash left there is unreal. There was a gentleman there at one time who tried to keep it somewhat clean, but people just don’t care. And the bad part is, it makes it bad for the people who respect the recycling center. Even the collection boxes for clothing are a sad sight.

I, too, have written letters concerning recycling. Do the surveillance cameras really work? Kind of makes you wonder. These people would really cry the blues if they would do away with the recycling center. Where would they put their garbage then?

So how about go for the gold and recycle properly. It’s one of the free rights we have in Williamsport. So please don’t let it happen that they close it down.

Christine A. Manny

Cogan Station