Unbelievable practices

This concerns some of the unbelievable business practices that are being adopted and promoted that affect the senior citizens who are trying to enjoy their retirement years. The latest letter I received is from a life insurance company, which offers to pay $1,000 of insurance coverage to those who apply and there is no cost to those who take this offer. This company offers up to $300,000 additional coverage at group rates with no medical exam or health questions. This whole works, in my book, stinks. When such action as the above is created and presented to the general public, it is professionally and intentionally directed at the retired elderly of this country, who become more victimized that the general public does. As these practices continue and infest every household in our country, they are basically being directed at seniors because they are the most vulnerable.

An example of this sick practice is how the electric companies continue to dwell over everyone’s monthly electric bill. They plead poor mouth over the telephone, to we customers that they have overcharged our electric bills. Yet they continue to harass us month after month by hiring telemarketers to constantly harass us. If we owed them money and didn’t pay up, they would shut off our electricity. It’s about time the state of Pennsylvania starts backing the retired senior citizens instead of joining the forces that are deliberately making life more miserable for all of us. It’s getting so bad for the elderly in this state and country, that half of the mail we receive cannot be determined to be legitimate or some kind of a rip-off.

While I am on the subject of the neglect that is being allowed to be forced down the throats of we retired elderly of Pennsylvania, I would like to point out another problem that faces more women than men. They live alone after losing their mate. Many do not lock their doors at night because they fear that no one would have access to their homes in case they have an emergency in the middle of the night. They must choose between the good and the bad. In today’s world in these United States, this choice should not be placed on the shoulders of any male or female retired senior citizen.

Customers may choose the company that supplies our electricity. It seems that when the price of electricity goes up, our light bills go up, and if we customers choose the suppliers, then the fault is placed on the customers’ shoulders for increases in our electric bills.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.



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