What does one give up? What does one gain? Is there ever a winner or loser? Whose side is time on? One of the history’s known appeasers, Neville Chamberlain, used this strategy; who was the winner and loser? Did Hitler gain time to practice in developing his war techniques or did England gain time to build up its war offense and defense strategy? What did the United States do? We armed and fed our allies. Did the allies appease Russia and allow Russia to enter Berlin first? What happened is history, the start of the Cold War, the Iron Curtain and loss of freedom for many citizens behind it. How many of these citizens’ lives ended in Siberia?

Did Russia ever gain from its experience and decision in the Middle East (Afghanistan)? Yes, if Russia could not defeat this country instead “join the countries as an allied.” Do you know in what countries this is happening now?

What has appeasement ever gained for the United States in the Middle East? Increased tax money for these countries that did not want us there but took our dollars. How did past presidents appease Iran?

How long has the U.S. foreign policy with Iran been appeasement? What’s your own opinion? Did we not watch the capture of our embassy in Tehran? Did we watch our embassy workers in blindfolds and held captive for 444 days in Iran? Do you remember the rescue attempt?

Did we guard the Strait of Hormuz? Did we again back off? Did we retaliate?

Did we watch the burning of our Embassy in Baghdad? Did you ask what is Iran’s supreme commander doing in Iraq? Do you believe he was there on vacation? Was Iranian’s religious leaders playing as we did, saying, “My dad is stronger than your dad?” Did not religious leader of Iran double President Trump’s 52 sight for attack?

Do you know the number of NATO allies in Iraq? Are these allies staying? Is Iraq and Iran now or have ever been in religious confrontation? What is the slogan of Iran? How many countries are included in this slogan? How many countries have appeased Iran’s nuclear program? Will these countries possibly be attacked by nuclear bombs now in the making, or made in the future?

Everyone, not only Americans, needs to have an understanding of what is happening in the Middle East. Distance from the Middle East is not a guarantee that our country will not be attacked. Is this the time to listen to other opinions? Or do we all need to be aware of the events shaping the future of our world?

Who would “want to be President” in Washington D.C.? Whatever the action of President Trump, their action could resolve the problem. Their reaction to whatever President Trump does is always negative. The recent elimination of the commander of Iran’s military is a historical marker. A reaction of every other elected official in Washington D.C. is filled with appeasement until tomorrow. Tomorrow is today without a positive look to our future. If one does not see a problem; Washington D.C. feels it is solved.

You are the judge, if you remember history; use your knowledge of it or research it; where to begin your current research is your local library; start now. Following others’ opinions makes one a follower; never using your own logic is like pounding on an empty drum.



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