Be positive, not negative, litter rebuttal

The writer missed my whole point on litter downtown and I am not out of line. The downtown litter on the streets is a disgrace. I am not angry and my opinion should be a wake up on all the litter. I am not talking about bags of trash but everyday litter of plastic bottles, candy wrappers, etc., not to mention a quadzillion cigarette butts. My letter here is on litter. The writer’s was on crime and that is a great topic. No, the litter is everyday as I walk downtown and not from a parade. I am stating that people shouldn’t litter and the businesses should clean it up if it is on their property. I work for a business downtown and I clean it up everyday … The litter downtown looks trashy and a lot of people do not have common sense and are not brought up properly to discard litter properly. I did not dig the mayor. I merely stated that I hoped he would notice and do something about it … Folks please just notice and best of wishes for our new mayor.

Kathleen A. Spotts


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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