Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane have a history of bankrupting institutions in order to meet their needs, just look at Burlington College in Vermont. All they really care about is making money, in my opinion. They are very wealthy and own three houses, but no one ever seems to call them out on that when they attack other wealthy people. The Democrats, especially the ones running for President, are disconnected from what the American people actually want and need, in my view.

One must ask themselves, why would anyone who loves America spend their honeymoon in the capital city of Moscow during a time when their nation is at war with the USSR? Bernie is also an admirer of Hugo Chavez who was a brutal Socialist leader of Venezuela, just look at that country now. We don’t want to end up like any of those places, do we? Bernie lives by the Saul Alinsky mantra of destroy everything including the system itself if it fits one’s own needs because that is the path that he uses to justify his “political revolution.” We do not need socialists, like the Democrats running for President, ruining our nation.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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