Best of times

When you hear Democrats on the campaign trail (or in office) tell us how horrible of a nation we live in, I laugh. Then I realize it is not a laughing matter. These people hope to replace a system that has delivered the best of times with a system that has a 100-percent failure rate: socialism.

Look around. People on smartphones doing everything from socializing to banking to shopping. We have sharing services like Uber and DoorDash to make life convenient. We have food and beverages in abundance like never before, and representing more of the world than ever before. Food and medicine are safer than ever thanks to plastic packaging allowing it to be stored and transported farther than ever. Fewer people die from food illness than ever before.

Our lives are the best they have ever been. Our struggles are so minor that using some words now requires a safe space and counseling for people — and they get it! Our planet is rich with food, wildlife and supports more life than ever before. We have more livestock and more pets than at any time in human history, and those animals live the best lives in human history with medical care and safe foods.

We have delivery of almost any need or desire overnight. We have online resources for almost everything. Knowledge is free for all to take.

Yet some claim this world is not fair or just. Some claim that the abundance we have needs to be reshuffled around via socialism, a system that has never worked and never will work. Socialism replaces those currently wealthy with wealthy government leaders. I am not willing to trade a bunch of Jeff Bezos for a bunch of Maxine Waters. Thank you.

So, the next time you hear how bad things are and the need to change our system to socialism, remember the lessons of those who tried it before and wished they never did.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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