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This writing will be an effort to reveal what I believe to be further corruption in Washington at the highest levels starting with the Obama presidency. Partners in this were not only Obama’s “deep state” which tried and is continuing to unseat President Trump, in my opinion, but the Hillary Clinton State Department, which not only exposed highly classified intelligence to the world, the fraudulent Russian dossier against Trump, the pay-to-play scandal involving the Clinton Foundation, not to mention the clear anti-Trump bias of FBI officials like McCabe and Peter Stryzok, the fake media and our U.S. Department of Justice who continue to suppress the release of documents to our beagles (lawyers) running the streets of Washington. These beagles happen to have law degrees and have good noses that sniff out crime among some top-level government officials. I mentioned these happenings a couple years ago and now I am making some unequivocal statements regarding the sordid course some liberal Democrats are taking. Since 2016, these beagles have put together such massive investigations. You wouldn’t believe the stunning evidence found. To date there are 60-plus lawsuits filed in D.C. alone.

The scope of this letter won’t get into the Immigration Law Enforcement Project going on in the Southwest. Plus, some lawsuits have just been won which will take 159 million voters off the rolls who were dead or otherwise illegal registrants. Sanctuary city policies have been duly challenged and the debate nationwide has been impacted, thanks to Donald Trump, our president.

The American people have the right to know the crass and diffident actions of our Congressional overseers. My unequivocal statements should alert you to the forthcoming news about our Congressional overseers and the Washington establishment being held accountable. Yes, in the coming years, I believe the lid will come off and the ignominy of many individuals will be changed forever.

Alan Cohick

Cogan Station


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