Good grief!

I am an American too! I don’t have the exact same views as the woman who wrote recently, “I am an American”. She tells people to grow up and quit their whining and then proceeds to whine. Her generation had it tougher. Really? You are a Baby Boomer like me. Our parents and grandparents had it tougher. They had to deal with the “Boomers.”

When did you fear going to school because you could be killed? How about on-line bullying or stalking? Terror attacks at home and abroad? Opioid addiction! You had it tougher! Every generation has their challenges and yes Grandma it is a different day and age. There are many great people in the younger generation like in every generation before them, every generation had their bad apples.

I also love it when someone like you tells people who don’t like the United States or our president are free to leave America. People don’t like elected officials and that includes presidents. Every President had their critics and distractors. Conservatives have been bad mouthing and do not like President Obama, President Clinton, President Carter, the Kennedys, Hillary Clinton, Speaker Pelosi and any other Democratic politician. They even chant “lock him/her up!” Don’t forget how they dislike the “liberal” media. Nothing like saying you only want people in America like yourself.

You whined about the lack of discipline and punishment and yet you support President Trump. Go figure! He behaves worse than the disruptive children in the restaurant you cannot stand.

I stand for the National Anthem but understand why some will not. I trust God, it is organized religion I do not trust. I believe in being armed but I am for sensible gun regulations. I do not believe in President Trump, he is one oversized lie, in my opinion. I am an American, you may not believe it but I am.



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