Handicapped drivers

I’m addressing the people who drive down the streets unaware of anything around them. My daughter pointed out that other people and I drive in the streets! Well, I know why I drive in the street, because of the horrible sidewalks. People who can walk and own the properties don’t fix the walks so they are smooth sailing for most of us.

I for one have a bad back. Try as I might, when I travel over a bumpy sidewalk it hurts my back. Our scooters and wheelchairs don’t have the best springs on our devices and sometimes can’t avoid those bumps on the sidewalks. If you haven’t tried it, get someone to let you ride their wheelchair/scooter down the street and feel it for yourself!

It is no wonder that we advocate for better access to buildings in this city.

There should be some kind of code for handicapped travelers in our sidewalks and on the streets. Watch where you are going. Look all around at corners (remember when you were teaching your children? Same rules apply to you now!) Don’t cross against the lights. If they don’t work right, report them! Some of us just ride across the street as if the world revolves around just us. Guess what? It doesn’t!



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