If the communists invade America

During World War II, the Japanese did not try to invade America because they knew that many Americans owned guns. Switzerland was never invaded by Germany during the two European wars because Swiss citizens are armed with semi-automatic and automatic rifles. In Switzerland, “assault rifle” is not a dirty word, but rather a tool of liberty kept by every male citizen in every house.

You may also wish you had an AR-15 to protect your family against roaming mobs when society breaks down. Read the book, “One Second After.” Then read the report of the Congressional EMP Commission about the dangers of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that can be cause by an extreme solar event or a high altitude nuclear blast. Also foreign groups in the nation who hate America may become violent and disrupt phone, electricity and food delivery.

Ferdinand Mannlicher designed the first semi-automatic rifle in 1885. John Browning designed the Remington semi-automatic model 8 that was produced in 1906. The AR-15 uses the same 132-year-old technology. “AR” doesn’t mean assault rifle; it is short for Armalite Rifle. Armalite is the material used in the manufacture of the rifle. The AR-15 shoots a small .223 full-jacketed bullet that doesn’t expand. Popular deer hunting rifles shoot a .308 soft-tip bullet that expands, making a large, more deadly wound than an AR-15. With a little practice a shooter can fire 10 to 12 shots a minute from an old single shot shotgun.

Dean L. Graham