Purple paint

As a farm owner of 60 “Posted” acres in rural Tioga County, I have concerns about the article in your Feb. 18 edition on page B1, “Purple paint now means no trespassing.” Does it really? On page B2 the article continues to state, “The new law also authorizes unarmed persons to go onto private property for the sole purpose of retrieving a hunting dog.” Is there a requirement for the dog owner to obtain landowner permission to go seek a hunting dog? What does House Bill 1772 require of the dog owner seeking his dog?

I wish you would assign an investigative reporter to this matter to determine if landowner approval is needed before the unarmed dog owner goes onto posted private property? Why was such authorization to trespass to seek a lost dog needed in the first place? The current PA Game Law requires a hunter to obtain landowner approval to seek a wounded deer on private land. Is the dog owner also so restricted?

Why was “Hunting Dog” language needed? Is this “dog owner” restricted to trespass only during hunting season and during hours of daylight, or is this a 24/7/365 Dog Owner Right to Trespass on all private property? Does the alleged dog owner have to prove he/she actually owns a dog, or can they drive deer off private land under the guise of “seeking a dog” while driving deer onto nearby property where friends will shoot otherwise unavailable deer?

Purple Paint should mean what it says! Does it?




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