Secession from America

Michael Goodwin’s recent column appearing in the New York Post titled, “The Left’s Unfixable Extremism,” in which he reviews F.H. Buckley’s new book, “American Secession,” is both thought-provoking and germane to the events of our times. Buckley and Goodwin take a look at the two most leftist, liberal bastions of insanity — New York and California — and the distinct possibility of them seceding from the Union. I haven’t read the book yet but I certainly will. Both of these far-out leftist states favor every lunatic socialist idea that comes along, in my opinion. For example, New York City and several California cities are sanctuary cities. Both of these states are essentially sanctuary states. Both of these states favor open borders. Both scorn law enforcement thereby encouraging violence and mayhem. Both deride and deny our economic success. Both support and defend the policy of late-term abortion (infanticide to many) and true infanticide of unwanted newborn babies outside the womb. Both states are seeing a mass exodus of their residents because of ridiculously high levels of taxation and the acceptance of the dregs of society camping out on their streets in some of their cities, defiling those streets with human excrement. Both would like to end the Electoral College so they, in effect, would decide most presidential elections. Both allow open and dangerous use of drugs. And the list goes on. These two states are run by hard-core Democratic machines and tyrannical governors.

There are some out there who suggest we’re heading for a second civil war. This time it will likely be the crazies of the radical left against the less crazy folks of the political right. As one watches the so-called impeachment hearings, one must wonder how long will this bitterness and hate go on before we destroy the greatest nation on Earth. It seems as Trump’s lawyers say, “The Dem’s grounds for impeachment are based on a made-up theory, as they are insisting they can impeach the president for doing what he is allowed to do by law if he is motivated by self-interest rather than by the national interest.” Question: Who’s to determine if these Democratic mind-readers are correct in even more of their assumptions and suppositions concerning Trump’s reasons for his actions? The danger in their sort of nebulous, undefined charges as prescribed in the Constitution is that any future president can now be the target of impeachment if the House of Representatives has enough liars, haters, conspirators and leftist crazies to get enough votes to impeach. It realistically could mean the end of the independent presidency and completely undermine the Constitution. In others words, the executive branch of government will essentially, for all intents and purposes, be non-existent. There will be one less check and balance on the legislative branch of government. Elections will be meaningless, as the people’s choices can be erased by the U.S. House and Senate if one party controls both sides of Congress. We could be in terrible trouble as a nation if this is going to be the modus operandi of the future Democrats. I truly fear for my grandchildren and my nation.

New York, California and the House of Representative Democrats have gone about as far left as one can go before entering the world of utter lunacy, total mindlessness and an almost infinite level of psychopathic behavior, in my opinion.

Charles Ackerman

South Williamsport


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