I wonder if people at a certain cable news network know the meaning of the words “gravitas” and “solemnity,” given the cavalier way they’re handling coverage of the impeachment trial. Airing a split screen with constant commentary over the speech for the prosecution, and including irrelevant and untruthful drivel about Manager Schiff, is not in the spirit of the occasion.

Impeaching a President is a solemn occasion. It’s an affirmation that no one is above the law — that a chief executive serves the nation, not himself, and must be made to account for his actions. It goes back to the trial of Charles I who declared that as king he was not subject to the laws. His pleas didn’t change the verdict of death by beheading.

As the late Sen. John McCain said, “Presidents are not ordinary citizens. They are extraordinary, in that they are vested with so much more authority and power than the rest of us. We have a right; indeed, we have an obligation, to hold them strictly accountable to the people.”


State College

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom