Term limits

While the impeachment continues in our nation’s capital, it is evident we need term limits on public officials running for office. The person with the most seniority is appointed to chair a committee no matter their ability, it seems. It amazes me the caliber of people who are voted in. Minnesota comes to mind with congresswomen who hate America, in my opinion. A congresswoman from California that heads the Financial Services Committee calls for the open harassment of fellow Americans. The language some use is vulgar. What type of person are we sending to Washington to represent us? In some cases, nothing is done to fix the problems in their own districts. It is said the Democratic party “sticks together.” They certainly do and they vote the way they are told to, forgetting their promises back home. All promises made when they run for office are forgotten. They are trained in talking points to say on television. Ever wonder why they all use the same words when interviewed? Now when the Speaker of the House tells people how to vote and what to say … that is a dictator! If we had term limits, the person we send to Washington might actually vote for justice instead of voting to retain their seat.


Jersey Shore

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom