The year 2020

Well, it is 2020, an election year. Look out for the fireworks that will begin soon as the race really heats up for the Presidential election. The Democrats are foaming at the mouth to upend the apple cart by defeating President Trump and will go to any means to accomplish their goal. They are currently engaged in the ill-advised impeachment process in hopes that they will succeed in negating the prior election and increasing their chances in winning the White House in November. Dreamers!

Look at the success of the last three-plus years of this Presidency: a booming economy, two terrorist leaders eradicated, Isis essentially defeated, border security improved, the lowest unemployment in years, jobs available, manufacturing and business returning to the United States, and most importantly, a rejuvenated military that was eviscerated during the previous administration. These are successes that warrant congratulations rather than impeachment. At least pallets of money were not transferred to Iran in order for them to spread their terrorist atrocities throughout the world. We even indirectly paid for the missiles that struck our military base in Iraq and injured many U.S. military personnel. Thank you Obama!

I am not associated with either party and was not initially a fan of Mr. Trump when he first announced his candidacy, but after listening to his ideas and plans, I decided that he had many of the same concerns that I did and therefore I took a chance and voted for him. I am not at all sorry that I did and I do plan on giving him a second vote in the November elections. It is hopeful that the Republican Party can also overwhelmingly regain control of the House so that the work of the people can be accomplished without the undue and nasty interference from the Democratic side. My family members who leaned Democrat, would turn in their graves if they could see what has happened to their political party. This is not my grandfather’s or father’s Democratic party, but a band of socialists trying to over take the country for nefarious reasons, in my opinion.

Hopefully all can come to their senses and start working on the needs of the country rather than personal vendettas. There are many needs that need addressed. It is long past due to get them completed without petty politics. God Bless the United States.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom