Oak Grove Community Center board

Shame on you! The bingo that was held on Monday nights was one of the very few facilities in the Elimsport/Montgomery area that allowed the elderly to get together and have fun that this area has to offer. After months of being shut down due to licensing issues, it was reopened on March 2. To say the room was full was an understatement. There wasn’t room to put another chair in the hall. I’m guessing the players ranged in age from their 40s to their 80s. They walked in, used canes and even walkers to attend the event. Everyone had a great time. Then on the following Tuesday night, you held a board meeting to close down the bingo permanently. What was your reason? Why bother naming it Oak Grove “Community” Center when you obviously aren’t concerned for the whole community? This weekly bingo for some is the only avenue of getting out of their homes and enjoying some comradery with friends their own age instead of staring at four walls night after night. I know Lori has invested a lot of her own time running the bingo, participating in the Sunday breakfasts and numerous fundraising events that take place out there. Obviously there are some hidden agendas going on that you would deny these participants the opportunity to have some fun in their elderly years. As I said in the beginning of this letter, shame on you! I hope one day you walk in their shoes and see what you denied these people.

D. Bower



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