COVID-19, another opinion

I know we have heard so many opinions on COVID-19 that you’re probably tired of hearing about it. So I thought I would offer my two cents worth.

This horrible virus has been wrecking havoc all over the world as well as in the United States of America. Most of the citizens do the polite and honorable thing when going outdoors by wearing a mask and keeping a minimum 6-foot distance from others.

Of course there are those who have no manners and do not follow the rules. When you or I see people who seem to not care for others then we stay away or cross the street.

I do not know if they will get the message, but they or I should ask ourselves, “What did I do or what is wrong with me?”

Selfish people are either ignorant or do not care! In other words they could care less about this wonderful God-fearing nation. After all by the grace of God we were given the greatest gift in the world, being born in this free nation!

God bless America and its citizens.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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