COVID-19 Victory Day

Well let’s see. Our president has declared victory over COVID-19. By what criteria does the president know we have won? There has really been no deck of the USS Missouri (VJ day, Sept. 2, 1945) moment in which the virus surrenders. Instead, the enemy is still advancing across the world while at home our casualties are mounting — over 90,000 dead as of today, May 17. Our president has declared testing as problematic in that the more tests the nation runs, the more the numbers of infected grow. He laments testing while insuring he and those around him are tested. He once touted the need for masks, but never wears one.

He has yet to visit the real battleground, namely the hospitals treating the sick and dying for he knows the enemy is strongest there and so leaves that fight to others, to the real heroes of this war — the nurses, doctors, and hospital staffs. He has not shown his face to console the living, nor mourn the dead. He has claimed that as president he has absolute power and yet he has insisted state governors should handle the fight. He shoulders no responsibility.

This war at home features flags but little unity. Chaos is the watchword for the times. Part of the U.S. population disdains sacrifice believing that responsibility and duty to others the bane of liberty. Like children, they refuse to wear a mask challenging anyone to “make them.” Proudly they stick out their tongues while showing their military style weapons with intimidation the intent, not of the virus that knows not fear, but of their fellow citizens. Is this really what Making America Great Again means? What have we become?


LTC, US Army (retired)


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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