He’s a real leader

I had a very good laugh after reading today’s letters to the editor May 15, 2020 titled “You don’t know real leadership” and I would like to thank the writer for being so amusing.

We all know that our current president has proven his great leadership. President Trump doesn’t have to build bridges to prove his great leadership but because of this horrible virus (the Chinese virus) it is quite evident that there is a dire need for strong border walls to help slow down if not stop these diseases from getting into our country.

President Trump’s quick actions in the beginning of this crisis receive a lot of criticism from the Democrats because they really would like to see our nation fail and have the citizens finally dependent on the government, hence, having their socialist government at last, but President Trump (showing real leadership) stepped up to the plate early and the left aren’t happy about it, again.

That letter writer knows this, as everyone else does too, so it is obvious he is just trying to make light of this bad situation.

It is unfortunate that we live in treacherous times now but the last thing we need is a fantasy bridge builder although there are those who live in an alternate universe like Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the progressive left that would strongly disagree with me. Oh well, what a pity. But I still would like to thank that letter writer for his kindness in trying to be humorous and making me laugh. You are almost ready for the big time in the comedy category.



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