China and election choices

During the last two to three decades, we’ve watched as our political leaders of both major parties let much of the manufacturing sector of our economy flee to places like China as they sought sources of cheap labor. We’re talking the auto, farm equipment and steel industries and such things as prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, medical protective gear, athletic shoes, clothing, etc. China has flooded our markets with underpriced goods, manipulated their currency, disregarded patent protections and stolen our intellectual property.

Throughout our nation, especially hard hit was the rust belt of the Midwest and some other centers of manufacturing. Whole manufacturing plants pulled up stakes and headed to China for cheap labor while American communities bled good-paying jobs. Unemployment rose as did the level of poverty. Food stamps were handed out like candy. We found ourselves in a real funk.

However, in the last three and a half years, literally hundreds of thousands of high-paying manufacturing jobs have returned, meaning American workers could begin to get back on their feet, thanks to President Trump’s economic policies. We were experiencing the greatest economic boom in our history with historically low levels of unemployment and monumental job creation. Unfortunately, we are now witnessing these gains rapidly disappearing because of the coronavirus that originated in China.

The winner of the upcoming 2020 presidential election will depend on many factors. The one truly critical question every voting American must ask themselves is: Who do you in your heart believe will hold Beijing accountable for all of their misdeeds? In other words, which candidate has the backbone to fight back against the Chinese and put China in its place? I’ve seen it being done for the last three and a half years of the present administration, and believe it will continue.

What concerns me is the fact that I’m not certain enough Americans understand and appreciate the gravity and critical importance of this election. The party out of power has gone so far to the left that one has to fear for our country and the direction the loony left wishes to take us in. We must be totally resolute in the struggle to not allow these collectivists to shove their utopian garbage down our throats.

Charles Ackerman

South Williamsport


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