On Black Lives Matter

LTC (Ret.) Fischer wrote a very nice letter, published June 20. His one sentence, “We march to correct the wrongs of the past,” really got my attention.

The only way possible to “correct” the past is to correct the present, which will quickly become the past.

The Black Lives Matter group seems to neither want to consider the thousands of White and Black Union soldiers who died in the Civil War, nor that Black ship captains sailed the Western Coast of Africa, buying people captured by stronger Black tribes, nor that some U.S. slave owners were Black.

Having lived on this planet Earth for over eight decades; after reading my encyclopedias; applying my master’s degree training; and experiences as farmer, furnace fireman, night watchman, orderly at a State Hospital, ambulance attendant, fireman, military career, youth counselor and mayor of a borough for 13 years, I still have no answers to the following questions:

U.S. laws say “one drop of Black blood and you are Black.” Fight that law. With interracial marriages, are both racial and cultural differences doomed to extinction? If a Black mother who cannot read can raise a son as a brain surgeon, what was the classroom behavior of those now demanding, rioting, protesting and burning property? Why do armed cops act so stupid? My great grandparents were part of the “underground railroad” helping escaped slaves make it to New York State, where they could no longer be repatriated and my father was born in Sweden, so why should my tax dollars be involved with reparations?

We are born into the culture of our parental figures with a skin color we did not choose. It seems that human nature has built into us a quality of being leery of cultures/appearances/actions different than ours. This leery feeling may develop into prejudices, which may, due to “group think,” involve murder. We are also built with the ability to overcome these feelings of angst. But we have to try to meld with the majority when in their presence.


MPA, U.S. Army (Ret.)


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