Police Advocate Speaks Up

It is time for citizens to hold another protest for the bad attitude being thrown at the police in every state in our nation. There is not a profession that does not have bad members. But we should not hold all those that are doing a great job because of a few who could care less about others. When we behave as our enemies, do then we become our own enemy?

We must use common sense when we see those who destroy businesses throw things at cops or who believe they have a right to do it and have the audacity to use the excuse of George Floyd being murdered by a rogue cop.

My question is: “Why do we hold every cop responsible for the bad ones but when it comes to the races or the young people, very little is said about those who are thieves?”

All of us are quick to jump to assumptions when first hearing about something. But most will think more about what we are assuming and ask ourselves about another way of finding a better solution.

Before we blame every cop who is willing to place their lives on the line for strangers, we must question ourselves and blame others for their own inadequacies and blame others for their own shortcomings.

As for this writer, she respects and thanks all cops who are so willing to forgive her mistakes and accept her as she is!

Thank you all and may God bless every police officer and protect them everyday.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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