Stimulus check did come as debit card

My husband and I received the debit card in the mail before May 26. We got the card first. The card’s letter said that I requested that Meta Bank open the account and understand that by retaining and activating or using the card or money network.

We never requested this card by phone or by mail and didn’t activate it because we don’t use debit cards of any kind. So I called the Williamsport Constituent Service Center of U.S. Congressman Fred Keller to find out.

The service center said yes, it would come as a debit card. I said no. The woman said, “Why not?” I said, “I heard that scammers can get into these accounts, then get into your bank accounts. You’re not getting into our bank account! No way is the debit card a Visa card and an ATM withdrawal network nationwide. I cut up the card and sent it back to Network Cardholder Services. The Department of the Treasury, U.S. Internal Revenue Service are the only ones giving the stimulus money.

I talked to some people I know and they told me they got paper checks for their payments.

Then my husband and I received an envelope in the mail on June 5 from the White House. It was dated May 22 and said, “Your economic impact payment has arrived.” No check! I called the information number and got a recording that said, “Welcome to the Internal Revenue Service.” The return address said, Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service, Austin, Texas. The bottom of the letter was signed in black marker from Donald J. Trump.




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