Unwarranted blame

I am responding to the letter from the gentleman from Montoursville who is blaming President Trump for the spread of the coronavirus. I am not sure why Democrats blame Trump for everything, but they do. They listen to the mainstream media such as CNN, MSNBC, etc., who do nothing but lie, in my opinion, about what is going on. Trump put the ban on anyone coming into the United States from China in January and was called all kinds of names like racist and xenophobic for doing it. Even their precious Dr. Fauci didn’t think it necessary at the time. He listened to the “experts” at every turn. One news commentator said Trump could cure cancer and the Democrats and media would condemn him for it. Yes Trump is a bully and not politically correct and quite frankly this country needs someone who is not politically correct. Part of his defense mechanism might stem from the Democrats spying on him and his campaign, even into his presidency. What does that say about the Democrats? Now the democrats want socialism and I for one do not want our great country to turn into a socialist state like Venezuela or even a communist state like China. Is this what you want?


South Williamsport

Submitted via email


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