Destroying the USA is acceptable today, right?

First it was protest marches and now it’s destroying America’s businesses. Not by senior adults but by childish, so-called adults! What is wrong with these actions?

Apparently today’s young have always done this without their parents holding them responsible and being disciplined. It is now being left up to the U.S. government to take action. Of course, then when that happens, the spoiled brats of America will scream how the government is taking over our lives.

Apparently today’s young people never had parents who cared or paid attention to what their children did or wanted. When I was much younger (80 now), I saw a couple of children misbehave, the parent(s) did little other than to say, “Oh they’re just children.”

Guess that is why there are so many spoiled brats who still believe that they can destroy and cause havoc across this great free nation. Where are the parents who are surely watching this or have become aware of how they raised their offspring?

Oh, I forgot, the parents worked and left the kids on their own. I know how that is because Mom went to work when we were kids and when all hell broke loose, Mom decided they didn’t need the extra money at the expense of their kids being bad!

Were they, or we kids, perfect? Far from it. But my parents and the three of us kids learned quickly what was mannerly and the best way to live and be accepted.

Parents of today, go get your adult kids and drag them home, whether they like it or not. Just because this is a free nation does not mean that whatever we do, it is to be okay and not unacceptable.

May God forgive us for our meanness and bless this nation even when there are times when we do not deserve it!



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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