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The member of Moms Demand Action from Loyalsock stated in her letter to the editor that her organization was non-partisan and pro-Second Amendment. They dressed in orange and passed out organs signifying their concern to eliminate gun violence by advocating safe gun storage and common sense gun laws. However, as noted below, I believe their real intent is to deprive law-abiding citizens their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms through registration, banning, and finally confiscating their firearms, leaving only law enforcement, and security guards with weapons to guard the socialistic politicians and their elitists comrades.

In 2006, then New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg founded Mayors Against Illegal Guns as a ploy to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens. In 2012, Shannon Watts formed Moms Demand Action Against Gun Violence and their anti-gun program and goals were similar to Bloomberg’s. Then in 2013, the Moms and the Mayors joined together to form Everytown for Gun Safety under the supervision and monetary sponsorship of Bloomberg. He spent a half billion on his failed presidential run and millions from his $60 billion bank account to influence gullible legislatures to enact gun control laws, and influence corporations like Viacom, Levi-Strauss & Co., and Dicks Sporting Goods to restrict the sale of firearms and support laws that would destroy our Second Amendment.

The writer misguidedly stated we lose 100 a day to gun violence, or 36,500 yearly, but she forgot to mention 60 percent, or 22,000, are self-inflicted suicides. In 2018 there were 14,623 gun deaths, down from 15,658 in 2017, and about 85 percent, or 12,400, were gang-related killings with Black on Black. If suicides and gang-related murders were eliminated, common sense would indicate guns are not a serious problem. During COVID-19 and after George Floyd was murdered by a Minnesota policeman, and the police failed to protect the citizens and their businesses from looters and arsonists, 2.5 million additional firearms were purchased by fearful Americans for the first time for protection.

The anti-gun trio erroneously claim Mass shootings were widespread but in 2017 there were 346 deaths and 1,692 gun injuries, and in 2018 deaths were reduced to 340 with 1,347 injured representing about 1 to 2 percent of all gun deaths. With a population of 327 million, 100 million gun owners, possessing 390 million firearms, including 17.7 million Ar-15’s and Ak-47’s semi-automatic rifles which the anti-gunners want to ban and then confiscate, these cherished weapons of liberty were responsible for only 297 deaths in 2018, down from 390 in 2017. In contrast these really dangerous items, knives and cutting instruments, were used in killing 1,515; clubs and hammers, 443; and hands, feet, fists, 672 were ignored.

However, Americans’ 110 million handguns were responsible for 6,603 deaths, but gang warfare in the Democratic controlled cities accounted for most of those deaths. Since millions of Americans use them for protection, the gun controllers ignored them and concentrated on semi-automatic rifles which they compared to the military’s fully automatic rifles to frighten and confuse the uninformed.

Gun owners should remember Winston Churchill’s famous words, “Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way they ask for directions.” Let’s use his quote when we inform the gun controllers our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is non-negotiable.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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