Political price

I recall that when Nixon resigned in disgrace, many in the Party of Compassion wanted to send him to prison. It got so bad that Gerald Ford had to issue him a pardon. Ford’s opinion was that it was unseemly to bankrupt and try/jail Nixon. Ford paid a political price for this because he chose to not run in the next election. Jimmy Carter became president. Bad things can be said about Carter (economy, unemployment and inflation were terrible), but I liked him because he was clean.

Fast forward and I see lots of recent factual information that indicates Obama and Biden led the frame up of Michael Flynn. If you don’t know anything about this, shame on you. Maybe change your news sources.

I’m a big believer in jail time for this type of crime. Comey and others need time to reflect in jail, along with many in the political class.

Why bother talking about reform if you can’t send the bad eggs to jail? FBI will reform itself, if this is done.


Loyalsock Township

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