Public schools

I hope that all parents, especially taxpayers, are paying attention to what is happening in America today. I say that because we paid for the unrest and destruction via what I call the Socialist Public School of Indoctrination System, formerly called the public schools system. Congrats, your charges learned the lesson well.

The schools have been indoctrinating our children for the past 30 or 35 years with the politically correct stuff. It was they who taught mediocrity with participation trophies. It was they who did away with Valedictorians because it hurt some students’ feelings. It was they who gave every malcontent rights. It was they who did away with corporal punishment and resorted to hand wringing. It was they who, when Mary chipped a nail, responded with “Grief counselors will be available.” Or when Mark spilled something on his shirt replied “Grief counselors will be available.”

We have to look no further than our standing in the world compared to other countries. We routinely fall behind many underdeveloped countries like eastern Europe. That isn’t meant to besmirch the little countries ahead of us, but for the amount of taxes we pay yearly we sure aren’t getting our money’s worth, in my opinion. They are turning our children into snowflakes who aren’t capable of handling problems on their own.

This indoctrination is then reinforced by the secondary schools or colleges. They finish the socialist indoctrination. When our children go to the extreme left colleges and universities, they get the final thrust on how horrid and evil America is. On most campuses today, you can’t say anything conservative or on the right of the middle. Free speech isn’t welcome on many campuses. When many right-oriented speakers try to have speeches on campus, they are routinely denied the right after the indoctrinated students protest — they only want to hear socialist and Marxist principles.

I believe we are witnessing the ethnic cleansing of America. The same thing that Marxists did in China, Russia and a little area of Europe called the Balkans. We sent troops there to stop that cleansing. What ever socialists don’t like, they rewrite, just like what happened in Iraq with the toppling of the Hussein statue. Their most outrageous act occurred during the recent Chinese virus lockdown. I witnessed quite a few Marxist radicals masquerading as psychobabble shrinks lamenting the amount of time students would have with their parents. OMG. I guess they were afraid some of their brainwashing would be erased with spending time with mom and dad.

So thank you Socialist Public Schools of Indoctrination. Don’t be bashful, step up and take credit for your handiwork. You did the work, now claim your prize.



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