The Frederick Douglass statue

Frederick Douglass, an Africa-American former slave, was an intellectual and moral giant among Americans.

He was able to escape the bonds of slavery in 1832 and went on to be a powerful voice against slavery and oppression, a leading abolitionist.

Therefore, I was shocked to read that his statue erected at Kelsey’s Point, N.Y., a stopping point on the Underground Railroad, was torn down by vandals over the Fourth of July weekend. It has been speculated that it was torn down because Douglass came to change some of his thinking on our founding documents and founding leaders. You see, later in life he claimed the Declaration of Independence contained “great principles of political freedom and natural justice.” He noted its signers were “brave” and “great” men whose “work “carried the seeds of slavery’s destruction.” He also declared that the Constitution was a “Glorious Liberty Document.”

This sort of thinking and reason is antithetical to the thinking of those liberals who are today pushing the notion of the 1619 Project that falsely claims the U.S. was actually founded in 1619 to promote slavery.

Anyone who claims a desire to continue the Frederick Douglass fight against slavery and oppression should always keep in mind another famous quotation from Douglass: “Knowledge is the pathway from slavery to freedom.”


South Williamsport


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