Think About It

Has your life changed for the better during all the protests and assortments of radicalization tactics seen in any city streets? I’m thinking that Williamsport people don’t see a need for drastic change or a revolution.

It’s noticeable to me that people like Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, New York City Mayor DeBlasio, and Nascar driver Bubba Wallace are serving as hindrances. All these men are doing is trying to annoy President Trump.

If these wealthy men were really in support of the group Black Lives Matter and equality, they would have all that yellow painted stuff on the road surface in front of their own residence. It would be best for all Americans if these kind of people kept their mouths shut.

Nobody is asking the Democratic Party and far left what happens to a country when the middle class is eradicated in the United States. I feel certain they not only know the answer but they know how to make it happen. I don’t want to see on every street from Williamsport to Renovo rows and rows of tiny housing units.

If the middle class is eradicated, there will be lots and lots of poverty. Poverty stricken don’t buy or build their homes. I don’t see President Donald Trump as the enemy of any American citizens. I do believe the far left and radicals will destroy Joe Biden. He’s simply a game piece for them. I don’t want the United States to become a corrupt communist-run nation. Do you?




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