Time for a change

For sports to move from Sundays to Saturdays, any school activities and practices on Sundays need to move to another day. Keep Sundays open for family gatherings, worship, time for relaxing to forget about the stress of too many things that take place during the week.

Remove that law about “do-not-call lists.” It does not work. How about when the people voted to limit the school tax? It was not to exceed a certain percentage during the year. Schools were to pay a penalty if they raised taxes beyond the set percentage. The schools seem to raise taxes beyond the limit and are willing to pay the penalty. Something is wrong in their thinking to meet budget expenses by raising taxes beyond the limit.

Change political parties to parties willing to set term limits for the Senate and the House of Representatives. Change school subjects to ones that will help prepare students for the future. Go back to history, geography, writing. Help students spell, read, read what the real Constitution says, not someone’s interpretation of it.

Change back companies to produce things made in the USA instead of relying on China. Competitive pricing is good but why fail to produce a few things that the United States should produce, but now send materials to other countries so they can have control of what is needed here just because of cheaper labor? Drugs, they say, people could possibly get them cheaper from Canada, so why do we really rely on China to produce over 80 percent of them? Bring back manufacturing to this nation so people here can have jobs. Make quality products people can afford rather than quantities of products that don’t last.

And, for those who say people should wear masks and social distance because of COVID-19, what about the politicians? Did they get the virus? I have not heard of any. The so-called health experts say nursing homes have the most cases. Why is it that the rest of us don’t? It seems strange that government workers, state or national, didn’t get the virus.


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