Two kudos

I have to confess that sometimes articles in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette and letters in the same cause me to be critical of the content and style of the writer. Guess I’m just human!

To the opposite end of this confession, I then have to acknowledge that when a letter or article appears and clearly has some thinking in it, it needs to be lifted up and highlighted.

I have two “Kudos” to hand out.

The first is an article appearing in the July 4 edition of the paper written by the retired editor of the Sun-Gazette, David Troisi. His article “On Birthday 244, America is upside down — and it’s scary” is an offering of really good thinking, writing and evaluation. If you missed the article, find the July 4 paper and read it! It is rare, these days, to be presented with quality observation and expression. Thanks for a really good job, Mr. Troisi.

The other “Kudo” is to Ron Arner for seeing that a letter written to the President appears in the Sun-Gazette. The letter is written by Carlo Maria Vigano, Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana. He writes a moral and ethical letter dealing with the interplay of good and evil in the societies of the world. The article appeared on July 5 and is titled “A Clarion Call To Action in Defense of Freedom/Truth & Its Foundation Our God and Country.”

As with the quality of the previous article, this letter speaks to the mind and the heart. Stated a long time ago by the Apostle Paul who said “we struggle against principalities and powers unseen” (paraphrased). So too are these forces at work with the intention of destruction of what is good and Godly. Get the article and read it. For those who have eyes to see, you will see and understand.

Thank you both gentlemen for making it possible to read quality.


UM Pastor, retired

Cogan Station

Submitted via email


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