Updated training on rights

Because a public health pandemic has overcome the United States, nearly all state governors have found that they have new power that they probably would not have been able to exercise. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf initially ordered all non-essential businesses in the state closed. Though we are slowly opening up, some of the hardest-hit businesses still remain closed.

Among them are salons and barbershops. If those business owners are hurting badly and try to defy closure orders, they will generally get a visit from the local police with an order to shut it down.

It’s been over two months and because all these men’s grooming shops are ordered closed by Gov. Wolf, we are seeing customers desperate for a haircut. Among them the police officers themselves. Are the civil liberties of these haircutting businesses being violated? I would say, yes. We have had sheriffs across the country refusing to violate the civil rights of business owners within their jurisdiction who are just trying to earn a living. Good for them.

But it would make me wonder if the state of Pennsylvania’s annual police update of training would include a segment on constitutional rights and give remedial training to officers so they can recognize when their conduct on the street might violate a citizen’s civil and constitutional right?




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