Worried about the U.S.A.

I haven’t contributed one of these letters in years but the current condition of our country is weighing very heavily on my heart. I’m now retired, grew up in the 50s in a segregated housing project in a small Pennsylvania city, not Williamsport. Never knew that I was poor. We all got along with the blacks and I don’t recall any moments of unrest in my neighborhood brought on by racism. We are one of the most diverse countries racially in the world. I think, in large part, we get along pretty well. Racism exists in the United States, no doubt, as it does worldwide, but I don’t think it is systemic or institutionalized.

What is happening at this moment in our country is frightening. Law and order is under attack and Democrats and Republicans are both guilty of allowing it to happen. I believe that many Democrats (unelected) and nearly all Democrats (elected) support the “protests,” including the looting, burning and the rioting as a means to an end, the demise of Donald Trump. Many Republicans, sadly, lack the backbone to stand up to the mob. Antifa and Black Lives Matter both are headed by avowed Marxists and anarchists bent on destroying our form of government, in my opinion. They want to defund the police. They want to destroy our history and that is straight out of the Karl Marx handbook. If you say you support BLM, then do a little homework and find out what they are truly about. Don’t let your heart mislead you into thinking that BLM cares about black lives. They don’t. They only care about power and control and abolishing our form of government.

Let’s learn from our history and not repeat the things that we aren’t proud of. We are still the greatest country.


South Williamsport

Submitted via email


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