Citizens of our great country, beware! The disorder some of our cities are suffering has nothing to do with race, creed or color. This country is clearly not racist, though the word can be used as a weapon by some. What we are witnessing is a well-organized, paid for, Godless display of Marxists. This attempt at a revolution is aimed at the destruction of our history. In that way, our way of life can more easily be rebuilt to their design. These anarchist mobs care little for human life and have no regard for authority, in my opinion.

It is also apparent that there are no virus rules for the mobs and nobody cares! Why is that? Could it be Dr. Fauci knows something that the rest of us can only guess at? Namely, that this virus is precisely what Dr. Fauci first told us in early February. “Most Americans have little to fear from this virus, but if it makes you feel better wearing a mask, then wear one,” to paraphrase him. In other words, this virus, like the flu, is more a problem for elderly with underlying medical issues. Healthy people may contract the virus, but will get over it. We can open up our country and our schools and stop the fear mongering and madness from being used as a political weapon.

Besides, I long to get our country and our freedoms back, and to see people smile again.


Mullica Hill, New Jersey

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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