Double Wow! Wow!

I enjoy reading the paper as well as the next person, but sometimes it gets a little depressing when you pick and read about crime, violence, killings, COVID-19, wear or not to wear a mask, not to mention politics, but I guess that’s who we are in this society, but the point I’m getting at — It was such a ray of sunshine to pick up the paper on July 15 and see on the front page where a couple were celebrating their 41st anniversary. Wow, not to mention that Rick is a five-year cancer survivor, that’s a double wow! wow! I know this young couple personally, they are my cousins, so to you guys, I say good job to 41 years and the best to another 41 years. To you Rick, the very best to being five years cancer free. You’ve come a long way, great job!


Cogan Station


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