Have you noticed?

One political faction wants less government but cheers when the federal government intervenes in how Democratic cities are handling protests.

The “dangerous” protesters carry signs. The “good” protesters carry guns, a lot of guns. Guess which one the authorities are more willing to arrest.

Your side’s protestors are the agitators.

Federal agents are being called to protect Democratic cities from protestors but failed to protect a federal judge’s family.

One political faction cheers on-line schooling as a better alternative to public schools; now they demand that public schools open during a pandemic.

Science and common sense take a backseat to “freedom” from masks.

National pandemic is up to states on how to handle it, protests are a concern for the federal government to get involved.

The President gets tested regularly for COVID-19 but he says we need less testing in the United States.

For better health, exercise regularly unless you are a minority, then the police are called.

All political factions cheer free speech except when it comes from the opposing side.

Political parties warning about voter fraud are or have committed voter fraud.

Politicians against voting by mail have voted by mail many times.

We are being told voting by mail is wrong and they will dismantle the Post Office to prove it.

“Drain the Swamp” is the call, it is worse than before. “Get me the British Open ambassador.” “Buy Goya.” “Call Putin.” “Going to play golf at my resort.”

It is always about “my” freedom but not theirs.

Erasing history or is embellishing history worse? Depends on your political bias.

Awards for every participant started in the South after the Civil War.

Your candidate needs to be voted out of office while I give my candidate another term in office.

People calling for people to be more respectful then turn around and disrespect you.

Not being politically correct means being able to be disrespectful to other people. Another freedom highly desired by some.

Why is it the people who have been oppressed need to apologize for being oppressed? Another celebrity wants to be President. Will we ever learn?

In the public eye, our leaders bad mouth other nations, and behind closed doors they woo them.

Everyone has a camera so smile, you never know when you will be a meme.



Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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