Healing prayer

I live here in the small town of Renovo. I’m married for 13 years now to my second wife, a pastor’s daughter, and I have never prayed in my older life, but I was out here this one day and came across this West Branch Life magazine. I started to read about the COVID-19 and UPMC and it really hit me very hard. I was sitting at a restaurant in Renovo and just looked around at everyone here and they acted like this stuff never even went on in the real world.

I can remember back when the AIDS pandemic had killed. Yes! Everyone sat back and laughed about it cause it only killed one kind of people. We knew. Yes, we all made jokes about it, but someone upstairs was trying to tell us all something, but we did not listen! No! We did not listen at all.

Now someone really must pray for the real warriors in this war we are battling today and God bless all of those real true warriors fighting the pandemic that we now live with today. The doctors and nurses, God bless to all! May they keep the fight alive. Who will be there for the dying and the sick? Last night, I got down on my knees and prayed. I cried! For once in my life and, boy, it felt good to cry.

I got some real bad war stories from the past. I live a dark life, only my wife knows my real history. I try to keep my dark past. I left a brotherhood which I was in for lots of years. I wanted out because there was so much nastiness in this world I had left. I still wear the ink and I told my wife what I was in before. I’m very proud of it. I was a real young kid at the time but now I am 53 years old. I see life in a better way! I talk to younger people, don’t get into gangs to be someone your not.

God bless everybody at UPMC and the hospitals. We must fight together. We are America, the brave. We win everywhere we fight. We can win this war too.




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