Mail-in voting

A recent columnist repeated the Hannity/Limbaugh talking point that mail-in voting is “a recipe for voting chaos.”

Another perspective: Colorado is one of four states that uses mail-in only voting. It was recently listed as having the “most secure elections” of all 50 states. In Oregon, another state that utilizes all mail-in voting, and has for years, out of approximately 100 million mail-in ballots cast, there were just 12 cases of voter fraud. (That’s .000001 percent). In all the other states that allow “no excuse” mail-in voting, like Pennsylvania, the ballot is protected by a bar code identifier. My wife and I are doing our best to keep our exposure to the virus at a minimum and so will be using mail-in ballots. Don’t let right-wing scare tactics keep you from using your right to mail your vote in.


Loyalsock Township

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