Monuments and statues

Monuments and statues honor people, events, and places that are important to a society.

Of course, when segments of a society are ignored when selecting subjects to honor with monuments and statues, those segments will eventually make their voices heard and with significant consequences.

For example, take Christopher Columbus. Initially, Columbus represented Spain’s interest in finding a shorter route to Cathy (China). So far, so good. When that didn’t turn out, Columbus sold King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella on further voyages to exploit the lands Columbus encountered. He promised gold, silver, as well as offering the chance to bring the local savages to the Catholic Church.

In short, Columbus’ purpose was to extract resources, convert and subdue the natives, and enrich Spain and himself.

This is why Native Americans and African Americans have never viewed Columbus, or other European explorers, as anyone worth honoring. Now these Americans are making their voices heard and it is very unsettling for those who believed that the European explorers were great people doing great things, often with the blessings of their God.

Much the same argument can be made for statues and monuments honoring the Confederacy.


Cogan Station

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom


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